Wednesday, November 23, 2011

New Hair!

So back when I started this WHOLE blogging venture... My first post was about hair styles and my inability to settle on a style.

Then a couple weeks ago I talked about getting something like the Film version of Narciassa Malfoy.

Well I finally bit the bullet and changed it up. And it's nothing like that.

Okay so there it is! Two pictures with my hair down and styled, and two pictures with it up and ready for work. What do you guys think? I've gotten some pretty stellar reviews about it.

Just so you know, yes. The back is supposed to be like that.

My bangs are still a little on the light side, I think in terms of weight. So when I go back to David [Over at Master Cuts at Regency Mall here in Racine] I'm going to ask him to add a bit of weight to them. Stupid whacky Cowlicks making my bangs lay all stupid.

Leave me a comment, let me know what you think. :)



YAY! Tri-color hair!!!


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