Wednesday, November 23, 2011

FOTD: Fresh Work Face

Well... Fresh for me, anyways. XD

Iiii dunno why my hand is ALWAYS in my hair. >.> Sorry. v.v

But this was the last day I had completely red hair- that's right! You heard me! I got rid of it. [that's going to be another blog though.]

This look is surprisingly toned down and mellow for me when I'm going to work. I actually got asked if I was feeling well by a coworker because of the toned down makeup. LMAO!

Now I want to talk about my contouring. I'm super in love with using Covergirl's face powder in 555 Soft Honey because it gives me a more subtle contour and over all cheek, allowing me to have a more cut cheekbone, while still focusing attention on either my eyes [like usual] or my lips [which I rarely do. Because then I feel like a clown], without making it look like I've got way too much going on. :)

My list of products used is basically the same as always, though. :( I've really gotta switch it up soon or y'all are going to get bored with me. XD

Love you guys!

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