Wednesday, November 9, 2011

11 Holes, Modern Image Body Mod review, and FOTD

I'm talkin' piercings! Yesterday, I got my [technically] 11th piercing.

For the past three years I've been pining for a Conch piercing, and I was finally able to get it. It's not like it's super expensive... it's just I've kind of been afraid of the pain that comes with it. But I tell you what, those fears were unfounded.

I went to Modern Image Body Modification, on High Street and Douglas Avenue, here in Racine. I love this place! They're helpful and supportive if you're feeling a bit scared about whatever you're getting done.

They do everything from Jacob's Ladders to your basic lobe piercing!

My two friends, AJ and Sammie and myself walked in[no appointment needed] at about 6pm, filled out the paperwork [Liability waver] and then the piercer filled out what he needed to, checked our IDs [you *need* your ID.] and took us into the back where the piercing room was.

AJ went first and got his tongue pierced. Sammie started feeling some nerves and wanted me to go next, so I sat on the little bed thing- like in a doctor's room, and he measured out my ear and made sure he had jewelry the right size and such, dotted where he was aiming, had me lay back and his words were "Lay back, and look away from the bad man causing you pain." Next thing you know it's "take a nice deep breath... alright. Let it out." and by the time my breath was out, the needle was through my ear, and the jewelry was in- talk about fast. Then we finally talked sammie back into getting her piercing- she was getting her tongue done as well.

The only downside to this whole experience was that the needle knicked right behind my ear [oddly that's what hurts the most. >.<] and Sammie nearly passed out. My gripe though? My whole ear is sore. Like I got a helix [upper cartilage] piercing... I didn't. Obviously.

Anyway, it would appear that most of their piercings are $25 :] They're well worth it!

I give Modern Image Body Modification 4.5 stars! ^_^ If you're in the area go check 'em out.

Alright! Aaaand I have a really pretty FOTD!

Iii'm basically in love with this style of makeup. the gold is like a highlight in the center of the eyelid! It's so pretty. It kind of makes any eyeshadow you're wearing look like it has a duo-chrome in it.

So! That's got that for this post. More looks coming at some point here.

I'm sorry for the extended abscence, lovelies.

Toodles for now!



  1. Great post, Anna! One minor "oomplaint" would be the font you opted to use. It's a bit difficult to read in places. That said, I *loved* it! :-D

  2. I have to say I love ear piercings... I have 7 right now and I've been thinking of a couple more in the cartilage...

  3. I love my piercings and I embrace them and own up to each and everyone of them. I refuse to take a single one of them out! XD
    I have four lobe piercings in both ears, two helixes in my right ear, and finnaaaally I have my Conch piercing.

    Next on my hit parade will be two tragus piercings, an anti-tragus, Possibly an orbital OR an industrial.

  4. Cool placement of the piercing! So glad that you found our looks wearable, as we actually do wear them outside! Hm, I don't know where to get hold of the Collection 2000 outside the UK, but check eBay or visit and see if they're shipping internationally!