Friday, October 7, 2011

ohmahgash! Shoesss!

Hello. My name is Anna... and I have an addiction to shoes.

Makeup has always been, and will always be my first love... but shoes run at a close second. Specidically platformed pumps, beautiful boots, fabulous flats... You get my point. ^_^

My most recent purchase was a pair of amazing steampunk-ish boots. These are available at Payless Shoe Source for $49.99. They're also available at Kohl's. When I bought my pair they were available for about 50% off [$29.99]. They're listed under "Limited Quantities" which probably means they are Going, Going...

... Gone! Which is unfortunate. I totally want to be able to share the comfy experience with you all! Hell I feel guilty just showing them to y'all. v.v

Anyways. My shoe collection may not be very big- or have a variety in color... But I know what I like and I know that *most* of my shoes are dead comfy. So here they are!!

The new boots!

These boots are hand-me-down's from Mom. ^_^
They're a whee bit awkward to walk in. That's simply because I don't have any pointed-toe shoes, so I'm not used to haveing the lift my foot a little differently.

These are comfortable... Sort of. They're not exactly "Wear all day and still be comfy". They're just a fraction to tight around the widest part of my foot, but atleast they're not too big.

They look good. Especially with a nice deep blue dress.
But they are SO uncomfortable!

These... are... SO... COMFORTABLE! These are my go-to shoes for events where Tennis-shoes aren't exactly welcome.

Clearly they're well-worn.

Those aren't all of my shoes, but they're the ones that I wear the most. Except the Silver Peep-Toes. Those were just for a change of color. But yeah...

Moving on!

Let me know what y'all think. Would you like to see the occasional Fashion post?

One more thing! I'm doing a shameless plug for a friend who just started two blogs! Go on over and take a look! is her rant blog. This is her getting her two cents out into the world. is her Photography blog. This one is probably going to be strictly photographs and not so much words. More like a gallery than a blog.

^_^ So yeah! Thanks!


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  1. Great job, Anna! I guess I would have to ask why you find these shoes so comfortable, what brands they were, where you got them, and approximate cost. I feel that would be helpful info for your faithful readers.