Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lookin' Good While Feelin' Gross.

"You look good, kid," mom said to me yesterday afternoon as I got ready to go sling Fried Chicken and Fried Breaded Zuchini at Ferraro's Pizza.

"Yeah? Ha. Look good, feel bad," I replied as I threw my purse over my shoulder, put on my Baseball Cap and turned my MP3 player on.

"... Ewww. Stay away from me, Typhoid Mary." She laughed and picked up the Keys to the car.

"But I looove you!" I laughed as I walked toward her with my arms spread out wide, looking a bit like Frankenstein's Creation as I went to "threaten" her with a hug.

"NOOOO!!" she all but sprinted to the car- which makes me laugh now. She was going to have to spend the next fifteen minutes in the car with me anyways.

Anyways, this brings me to today's topic:

Lookin' good while feelin' bad[and not in the good way.]

Moments when your eyes are so glassy looking everyone thinks you're wearing special contact lenses to make them look like Doll Eyes, your nose is so red under your concealer, foundation, and powder it could give Rudolph a run for his money, a nose so drippy it's ruinning your perfectly flawless foundation job, and the smell of Vick's Vapor Rub is overpowering even the strongest of Perfumes... This is what I'm talkin' about.

I sit here at 4:40AM with a pound of Vick's Vapor Rub on my chest and another pound of it crammed up my nose, all while struggling to breathe. I don't know what I caught, buuut I know that it's not gonna be quick and painless.

Doing your makeup while you have a cold is, I feel, a good idea. My reasoning is this: If you feel good about how you look, you start to feel better about yourself and overall start to feel better.

Whenever I'm sick I usually never put any kind of foundation, or concealer, or anything like that, just because if my nose runs, I really don't feel like having to re-do my whole nose area. Not to mention I work in a Carry-Out joint and I don't have the time to stop and correct a nose issue. So I usually throw on my eyemakeup- the whole nine-yards. I use water-proof or water-resistant eyeliner and mascara because my eyes get super glassy and watery whenever I'm sick. When the eye makeup is done I'll put my face primer on my cheeks, chin, and forehead and apply blush and bronzer accordingly.

Just like that you're poor dull, skin looks happy and healthy again and you don't look so pale and sick. If you'd like you can do some color correcting on your nose if it's overly red- just be prepared to keep a vigil eye on the status of your makeup throughout the day.

Now it's time to take care of your lips. If you're anything like me, you're a mouth breather when you're sick. So keep a medicated chapstick [like Carmex or Blistex] on hand at all times. NEVER apply it directly from the tube to your lips when you're sick or you'll just keep infecting yourself and you will never get better. Make sure your hands are clean, I don't care if you wash your hands with hot water and soap, or if you use an anti-bacterial hand sanitizer. Just never, ever, EVER use this trick with germy hands. Now then, get some of the product on your finger tip and apply to your lips. If you need to get more product, use a different finger and apply more. This will keep your tube of Chapstick from getting all gross with the Rhino-Virus orrrr whatever you managed to catch. :) Over the chapstick apply your favorite lipstick- using the same trick. Then go wash your hands again.

And finally, fix your hair, get dressed, and go! Just keep your hand sanitizer near you.

Whenever you're sick and you do your makeup it is ESSENTIAL that you sanitize all of the tools you used to do your makeup. You never know where those nasty germs are hiding, right? I go so far as to whipe down my Mascara Wand and Pencil Liner with a Makeup Whipe or an anti-bacterial whipe.

Anyways, that's my "cure" for the common cold look. ^_^ I'll post some "Before and After" pics for y'all.

Aren't I one adorable sick-o? Especially when I clearly didn't remove all the makeup from the night before.
I also had three hours of sleep because it was difficult to breathe last night.

See how much healthier I look? [ignore my hair. It wasn't a good hair day as my hair is about two days dirty now, and that's my typical hair for work]
Also this is a good example for why Redefining your eyebrow is a VERY good idea.
In the before picture, I look like a victim of over-tweeing. I'm reeaally not. ^^ I was born with naturally short eyebrows. =.= v.v

Also, I swear i'm not wearing any foundation in that picture. That really is just the difference between my chest and my face. Chest and neck have a yellow undertone, face has a red undertone.

Remember ladies and gents: always, always, always match your foundation to your neck- or make sure you're damned good at blending it into the neck.

Moving on! Time for me to chug a large mug of honey-sweetened Thera-Flu and try to get some sleep. G'night Ladies and Gents and generally Fabulous people.

And remember, as Raven says: "Just real quick, you pluck a chicken... You tweeze your eyebrows."

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