Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Just an update!

Okay so I seem to do better when my mom is around. I'm not so depressed... So I figured I'd do a fun update while she's across the room, and we watch The A-List: Dallas.

Iiii just took advantage of an AMAZING E.L.F sale! I have neeever tried annny E.L.F [Eyes. Lips. Face] products... and I kind of went a littttle nuts. Sort of.

And by sort of nuts I mean nine products! XD

Two Brushes- One small angle, one concealer.
Two Concealers- One in Apricot Beige (fair), one in Ivory.
One Bronzer- Essential Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder in Luminance.
Four Lipsticks- One in Captivating, one in Charming, one in Nostalgic, and finally one in Seductive.

A little retail therepy never hurt, right? Lol... well that's probably not true, but I feel a bit better now.

In other news! I have decided that too many people have my hair coloring- Red and Black two-toned hair. I'm starting to look... normal. Like nothing special to look at.

My lovelies, I have decided that I'm changing my hair style and color :). Want to see to what?

Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce Narcissa Malfoy?

I have had suuch a huge hair crush on this woman ever since I saw her in the movie. In. Love. YESS.

I'm going to keep the length on my hair, because when my hair is that short [I've had it WAY shorter. Promise] it tends to flip out at te end. Just going to get it trimmed up into healthy hair and have Dee Dee work out the colors. I am going to have the blonde part white-ish and hopefully have like a dark chocolatey color.

So. Excited.

In more news... I really. Really. Really. Want to go to Michael's and pick up some Sculpey and Sculpey Glaze and just start making cut little charms.

I know the first like... four projects I'm going to do.

Rottweiler necklace/earings/Jewelry set
Lolipop necklace/earings/jewelry set.
Cupcake Earings.
Mini and Mickey earings. ^_^

I miss having a hobbey- that doesn't revolve around makeup.

aaand I think one final thing:

I'm getting a tattoo within the next year of my dog. I'm going to put it on my left upper arm. I haven't worked the whole thing out in my head yet, but I have a basic idea.

I miss that goddamn dog.

Anyways I think that's it for now. ^.^


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