Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I'm Just a Little Green...

... With Envy.

So... I'm introducing my very first makeup series. :) Say hello to the Seven Deadly Sins. This is the first of seven sisters, Envy.

As I was going to sleep last night, I was thinking about what I could do for my readers for Halloween. I was contemplating doing the normal looks that EVERYONE does. Witch, Zombie, Pirate... etc. [Though I think I will be doing atleast the pirate... and maybe a zombie, simply to tackle my fears of them.] But I reasoned with myself that you guys could go *anywhere* and watch/read tutorials about how to achieve those looks.

And then I fell asleep...

While I was dreaming I saw seven women walking towards me. I had NO idea who they were or what they were doing in my dream.

The first one, Envy, stepped forward. She had Green hair and slightly green skin and her eyes were like Emeralds. She wore a green Victorian style gown. She leaned down and said, "who do you Envy most?"... Then I woke up and realized who those women were. They were the Seven Deadly Sins.

You better believe, basically right after I woke up I started planning out each look, and executed the Envy look.

And now that I sound like some version of a Whack-O... Lol!

All the looks I'm going to do can be used for Halloween/Costume Parties. If you guys want, I'll even do a Wearble version of each look, after I've completed this series.

And now:

The look.

So there it is. :) Tell me what you guys think okay? I want- no. Need to hear from you all. :)

Next up will be Lust. Ohh smoldery.

I'll probably have that posted by friday night, latest would be saturday morning.

Thanks for taking the time to read. I'll have a How To video up soon.


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  1. Edit: I did find the follow button, lol. It was bugged :D

    As I was saying, loving your blog! Especially the pin-up look! You're quite the stunner!