Friday, September 23, 2011

Good News My Friends!

My brother moved out!

... Wow. No. That's not the news I was talking about.

What I'm talking about is this: A few months back, you'll remember I was griping about how I needed to find a desk, a lamp, a chair, and storage and how freakin' exensive it was going to be.

What does my brother moving out have anything to do with this? Drum roll please!

He gave me his desk! Can a girl get a whoop-whoop? That's a hundred-some dollars I no longer have to worry about! Now all I have to worry about is lighting, chair, and storage! :)

More good news! I ordered a pair of boots from Payless on the 15th and they FINALLY got to my house while I was at work! Luckily mom was here to sign for them. They're absolutely perfect. And comfy! Goodness. :) They're perfect for fall. If you guys want I'll post up pics of them.

Continuing on with the good news theme, I uckled and ordered a new palette on the 15th as well- I was feeling the need for retail therepy. I went and bought the "Original 88 Palette" from Coastal Scents. It'll be fun to have some new textures to play around with. I'm getting sick of staring at Shimmery shadows. XD

I think I'll bite the bullet and buy a MAC foundation over Christmas... Sometime. But as of right now, I'm looking for some Glitters and Glitter Adhesives. I'm excited to work with Glitter too. First time EVER for that. I'm currently scowering eBay and Amazon for good deals and reliable sellers.

Anyhoot! Time to go to sleep. XD Nighty night guys!

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