Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Covergirl's Clean Liquid Makeup Foundation Review...

Alrighty, I was asked to review the foundation I use, nine times out of ten, on myself and others. :) So I figured I'd knock that out!

I have two shades of this foundation, in two different types. If that makes sense.

Here's what they look like:

Green label means Sensitive Skin, this is 205 Ivory

Blue label means Oil Control. This is 505 Ivory.

This is 555 Soft Honey

There are three colors for the labels. I only have two. The colors are Green for Sensitive Skin, Blue for Oil Control, and Brown for Normal Skin.

These are swatches. They are on top of primer, and they clearly aren't dry yet. Or set with a powder...
From Left to right:
555 Soft Honey, 205 Ivory, 505 Ivory

These are the swatches, dry and set with powder.
Left to right:
555 Soft Honey, 205 Ivory, 505 Ivory

My personal shade is 505 Ivory [with 510 Classic Ivory as my setting powder. I'll explain why I use two different colors momentarily.]. On a previous model of mine I used the darker shade, called 555 Soft Honey.

This foundation comes in three different types: Oil Control, Sensitive, and Normal Skin. I feel that the color range is pretty good as well. Each type comes in twelve different shades. Admittedly, they should always look into offering more shades. Because they don't have enough light shades, and they sure as heck don't offer enough dark shades. What are women of color supposed to do about foundation?

Normal Skin:
"Clean Makeup's water-based formula, with good-to-your-skin Noxzema ingredients, lets your skin breathe, goes on easily, and blends perfectly, so the world doesn't see makeup, just the look of great skin. Also available in Sensitive Skin and Oil Control formulas"

Sensitive Skin:
"Clean Makeup’s formula lets your skin breathe, goes on easily, and blends perfectly, so the world doesn't see makeup, just the look of great skin. Our Sensitive Skin formula is fragrance- and oil-free, helping to minimize irritation and redness for those with delicate skin. Also available in our Normal Skin and Oil Control formulas"

Oil Control:
"With our Clean Oil Control Makeup, you'll get all the shine control you want, without the drying coverage you don't. Our Clean foundation is made with ultra-light oil-absorbers that control oil, plus gentle conditioners that help prevent dryness." 
- Product descriptions from the Covergirl Website, http://www.covergirl.com/

I use the Oil Control version and find that it does what Covergirl says it should do. I actually find that when I take my foundation off, my skin actually looks ten times better than when I put my foundation on. What girl or boy doesnt want their skin to look smooth, glowing and over all AMAZING even when they aren't wearing a stitch of makeup? Can I get a whoop-whoop? Way to go Covergirl. The Anna is impressed.

As for coverage, I like a fuller coverage, because I generally don't use concealers and when I do, I find that they have a hard time covering the darker freckles I have under my eyes and on my forehead. So the coverage of this foundation is a fail for me.

The texture/finish of this foundation is Matte- which I LOVE. I hate satiny finish foundations. They don't last as long on my skin, and if I want my face Dewy looking, I will add the shimmer myself. :)

The wear on the foundation is AMAZING. I put it on when I wake up after I wash my face and moisturize and put my primer on, and when I take it off at night, before bed, I'm only slightly shiny in my T-Zone... which is awesome.

Awesome because I have very only skin- especially in my T-Zone and by the time I'm ready to take my makeup off, I usually look like I just dipped the front of my face in a pool of water. That look is not cute, Honey. Nope. 

Now I've only got like two negative things to say about this product. I don't know if it's the formula itself or if it's the packaging, but I have massive issues getting the product out of the bottle and onto the back of my hand. I have to use a cue-tip to get it out. Though I noticed with the Sensitive Skin version, the product pours out pretty easily. So I think it is the formula variation between Oil Control and Sensitive Skin.

My last Con is this: I would prefer a pump despenser over an open bottle like what they have now. Simply for hygiene's sake.

Long story short: I give this foundation a 9 out of 10, and I will be buying again. :)

If you guys have any questions/concerns/requests feel free to Email me at StefferudA@aol.com --No. Spam. Please. :)

DISCLAIMER: I bought these products with my own money, for personal and client use. They were NOT sent to me by the company for review consideration.

Now then, the reason why I use two different colors when it comes to foundation and powder is this:

I find that 505 Ivory is way too pink for me, but 510 Classic Ivory is too yellow! So I use 505 Ivory as my foundation, gag over how baby pink I look, and then set it with 510 Classic Ivory for that perfect customized skin color. :) simple as that. [these numbers are only relevant to the Oil Control types]

One more thing before I go:

I did my nails today. I'm trying out a new brand [the brand itself is not new, but I've never used them before. :)]

I call it... Strapless French Kiss.

I got so excited about how pretty it looked... that I forgot to clean up my cuticles and shtuff before I took pictures... XD

Anyways, the products I used are:

Base & Top Coat: Sally Hansen's Double Duty Strengthening Base & Top Coat
The Cream finish blue is Pure Ice in French Kiss
the Sparkles on my ring finger and thumb is Pure Ice in Strapless.

Hense: Strapless French Kiss. [Oh so sexy.]

Anyways, that's all for now guys.
Love you guys, and thank you for taking the time to read my long rambling post! :)

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