Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Road to Getting Started is Expensive...

Ugh. Seriously.

Today I started my hunt for the ever elusive perfect Desk, Chair, Lights, and Storage bins. I need to get my room ready for video and I need somewhere to start filming.

Let me tell you where my journey began today...

As I looked around for a particular brush for my crease, I realized exactly how unorganized I am when it comes to my personal makeup. So I finished my makeup and brought my internet up and went straight to to see if they had any particularily good deals or anything cute for my needs. Of course they did. They always have cute containers. The prices of some of the things that I need are just a little bit outlandish though. And as I dont feel like paying an arm, leg, and first born child for some storage, I decided maybe I should begin to look elsewhere and compare prices.

So I headed over to and started checking out their storage stuff. Nothing nearly as cute, that would match my room's purple color scheme though. Which is a bummer, but ultimately, I'll get over it. Anyways as I looked at the storage units, I realized that I needed a desk to do my makeup at. My bed is where I normally sit and do my makeup, but that wouldn't do for Youtube videos, now would it?

I figure I'm on anyways, might as well check out what they've got as far as cheap desks go. So I'm checking out their desks section only to discover that the desk I really want is $90.00 without tax and Shipping & Handling. Fail. Boat. Ugh. I mean it's not totally out of my price range at all! I'll just have to save up for it, and I'd get it by the end of the summer, hopefully. But if not, I do have a much cheaper, smaller [*sob*] alternative set up.

I realized then, that if I had a desk, I needed a chair. One with adjustable height preferably, but still small enugh to fit in this very tiny room and still have some walking space. So I looked around the site for a stool. Because it will save a little bit of space and a bit of money. I'm looking for a stool, either in Purple or Silver. The stool I found aactually has a bit of back support and it's only going to come out to about $50. So that's good. I was gonna go with like a "director's Chair" and be all cute and paint my screen name or something on the back of it. Buuut there's no purple or silver that I really like. Annnd they arent adjustable.

For those of you that don't know, I am quite short. Only 5'3". So I kind of need the chair to start short, and then adjust to the right height so I can actually be seen on the camera. XD

But anyways, I then realized that my overhead light... and my table lamp are both far too yellow and make me look Jaundiced! So I realized that not only do I need a desk, chair, and storage, but I also need a new desk lamp with a very white light. >.< This is all so frustrating and insaaanely expensive.

Everyone is telling me to go look around at IKEA... but I can't afford IKEA.

So all of this, leads me to right now, munching on some chips, drinking a soda, and surfing the web for the ultimate furniture deal... Frustratedly tugging on my hair and thinking "I just want to be a kid again... back in High School. Yup."

I think I'll be okay to hold off on Storage for a little while yet, so I'll just focus on my desk, light[s], and stool. Still going to cost me an arm, leg, and an ovary[potentially]. But whatttever. :) It'll be worth it.

All in the name of getting my name and face out on the market.


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