Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hair and the inability to settle on a style...

Ever wanted a new hairstyle because you were sick of looking in the mirror and seeing the same style all the time, but afraid to settle on a style? Well you aren't alone in that raft. I'm currently at that point in my life. I want a new hairstyle but I'm afraid to pick one and then go and get it done.
My hang up? I have two hang ups. I have a job in a pizza shop, and I have to keep it sort of toned down and I want to keep the length I have, which is just past my shoulders, but I want it to be incredibly edgy. Edgy potentially means getting a lot chopped off. I like my hair at the length it is right now. I don't think I could bear to lose the length.
Now I have picked a style that would require losing only a quarter of my hair, BUT it might be a little crazy for the work place.
If any of you are familiar with NY Ink's Megan Massacre, I want something like what she has right now.
It's long, and buzzed on one side. I LOVE that. If I were to get a hair cut, it would most likely be that one. My problem is that I have to wear my hair in a ponytail for obvious sanitary issues. That hair would look CRAZY in a ponytail. Atleast from one side.
Luckily I also wear a baseball cap as part of my uniform.
So that's where I stand on that.
Admittedly I'll probably bite the bullet and do it.

On a Plugging note:
I have a youtube channel. Nothing is up yet, as I just set it up today. But if you're interesting in a new Beauty Guru, check me out!
Hope to see you on Youtube, Loves!

I hope you have a wonderful week, and I'll see you next time.

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